Thanks to YEAP! we can connect things to the internet.

What is the ‘Internet of Things’? (IoT)

*IoT: Internet of Things

What is YEAP!?

YEAP! is what was missing to connect things to the internet.

It is the opportunity to create solutions, an easier life with smart networking that is cost efficient. Connecting everything to you, and you to everything.

That’s why we created YEAP! The first IoT Network in Latin America, with open national coverage for the accelerated development of IoT solutions in Argentina.

Network, Hardware, solutions, and support.
All you need to connect things to the internet, in one place.

YEAP! 360º solutions for the 'Internet of Things'



We create IoT networks that bring solutions and value to people or businesses.


We have the necessary hardware for developers to have their own Iot product.


Internet of Things among people. Solutions for the final consumer, making their life easier with an innovative and simple product.

Who do we work with?


We develop products along with corporations and the government, in order to bring the most innovative solutions to their clients.


Support and hardware availability for developers and their own IoT products. An innovative solution to their clients.


The first network in the market: secure and stable.


Send them to us!

Tell us what you need and we’ll contact you to make it possible.