If you are a developer or you want to develop an IoT solution,
YEAP! is the ideal partner for your project.

We create a YEAP! collaborative ecosystem.

LoRA National network dedicated to IoT connectivity.
Support for development, adaptation, hardware design and Partners network.


If you’re a developer, or if you want to develop an IoT solution.
YEAP! is the ideal partner for your project.


LoRa si a term that refers to long-range wireless networks

What is LoRaWAN YEAP! network?

LoRaWAN YEAP! is a public network with national coverage that allows connections from low-powered devices supporting bidirectional communication at a low cost. Optimized for low energy consumption and able to connect with millions of devices. The innovative qualities of LoRaWAN are geolocalization, low-cost communication and low energy consumption for devices that can remain years without being recharged.

LoRa advantage

Developing with LoRa technology allows lower costs in your communication plans, and cheaper devices with better battery life, end-to-end security, bidirectional communication, localization without the need of GPS, better indoor coverage ( even in underground territory ).

Choose YEAP!

Choose us! Not only because of our IoT public network but because our offer is based on what you need, and you pay for what you get.

Besides, we have all the tools to bring support to any kind of development, from the creation of a device to the app itself. Our network of national coverage allows you to develop products in verticals with growth without cost of network deployment on all the country.

How to register

To register, contact us through our website and we’ll get in touch with you. Providing you with all the necessary tools for connecting your project to our network.

How can I finance my project?

YEAP! is looking for developers that want to make their projects a reality. We have lots of tools that can help you finance your ideas.


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